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Headhunting Turkey

FMC Group

With FMC Group, your new employees will adjust faster, have a better onboarding experience, and be 100% committed to your team. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have a team of dedicated experts to assist with each hiring process. FMC Group allows you to quickly and painlessly tap into the talents of the brightest people in over 40+ countries around the world.

One of the countries where we are experts in hiring is Egypt. Egypt borders the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, and controls the Suez Canal as well; which provides the country a great geographical location for international logistics activities. To benefit from Egypt’s cost-competitive and big labor force of 29.1 million people, please visit our EOR Egypt service.


Another widely preferred location in the Middle East region is the UAE, with a high GDP per capita (USD 37,750 in 2019). EOR UAE would be a great solution for a fast and smooth entry to the region, where you can reach a highly qualified work force.





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